Friday, February 8, 2013

7QT: Comebacks and Carrying On


When I get off a regular blogging schedule, coming back feels like heresy - I just don't want to go there.

::open blogger::
Blogger: OH! You're back now. How nice.
Julie: Err, I just wanted to type up a quick post on nothing special...
Blogger: Nothing special? Why even type it up? WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE? And you call yourself a writer...
Julie: I'm not completing a lot of projects these days, am I? Not a winning situation. I'm sorry.
Blogger: Are you still here?
Julie: ::closes blogger::


But then, I read something recently about how writing about sweet nothings, about daily life, and updating your blog just because you want to, is a lot like calling up an old friend and chatting.

So, as I finish my greek yogurt and before I dash off to another doctor's appointment (I'll spare you the details), I just wanted to ask: How are you all doing in 2013?


If you're preparing for Lent, may I suggest you join The Bright Maidens in our Live Lent link-up? We're discussing ways to get into Lent beyond giving up chocolate. Stay tuned for more details and a brand new website!! See our Facebook page for updates. (Here's a little inspiration too from Meg Kilmer-Hunter!)

Pretty sweet graphic, huh? Props to Trista!

While I am thoroughly enjoying my newlywed status, I am currently learning how to balance buying food for two, setting up an apartment we're going to move out of in June, traveling for work and not living with my husband half the week (fortunately spending that time in my family's home!), and getting enough sleep.


I'm also venturing into the no-stress exercise regime. Part of growing up is realizing that you're not riding your bike up the street 50 times a day any more, so your leg muscles are not as fabulous as you'd like them to be. Or, like me, you're no longer playing sports at school or taking ballet on the side. Growing up is hard enough without carving out that extra time for working out!

As I am exhausted when I get home, I'm currently at this stage:
1. stretch (at least a minute on each)
2. treadmill for 25 minutes (way too cold up here - and too dark! - to be outside)
3. 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups
4. stretch (hold at least a minute each)

Jumping jacks are fun too! Anything to get moving while not feeling like you're a total blimp ready to deflate. The best advice I ever heard was to start where you are physically and go from there. That is why, when my husband worked out in front of me in the living room last night, I highly enjoyed sitting at my computer and eating my orange.


As if my heart could love this girl any more, my dear friend Marisa's baby girl Abigail is learning more and more signs!! If you have a young one and want to help them communicate better, I highly recommend Baby Signing Time (and Signing Time with the older ones). They are proven and wonderful, wonderful videos! I discovered them from the kids I nanny, and so I sent her one when she was a wee bebe, and they are now her favorite films! The company is run by a family with children who need signs to communicate, and so the whole concept of the show is to teach signs in a fun, interactive way for every day use!

Abigail with Auntie Julie

My photographer sent us a link to see more pictures and a video compilation from the blessed day. Yes, it has a picture of me stuffing cake in B.'s face AND him kissing me after that. Good stuff right here.

Carry on, good readers!


  1. "But then, I read something recently about how writing about sweet nothings, about daily life, and updating your blog just because you want to, is a lot like calling up an old friend and chatting." Love it!

    1. I do too! It's time to talk with friends more.

  2. I *love* jumping jacks. I know that makes me weird, but seriously . . . they're fun. And they don't hurt my joints and . . . fun! But I like just about any kind of jumping. Running now . . . I am *trying* to make friends with running, ha!

    1. Running and I used to be friends... now I am trying to get back in motion without launching myself into cardiac arrest! If you're interested in good beginner "course" in starting to run, Runner's World has one!