Friday, January 11, 2013

Pro-Life Conference in Nigeria Needs Help

If you interested in helping, please contact Leila at Little Catholic Bubble:

Dearest Sisters and friends,

I have been asked by one of our Nigerian Archbishops, (Archbishop AJV Obinna of the Archdiocese of Owerri) to organize a Culture of Life Conference for the people of his Diocese -Owerri Archdiocese, which is in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Many in this part of the country are really unaware of the struggle all over the world to defend life from conception to natural death. The African Catholic Bishops know and understand that the battle has already been brought to their door steps because there have been recent attempts to legalize abortion , flood our health facilities with contraceptives and bring in the so called ‘comprehensive’ sex-education which does not take into account Christian or even African moral values and sexual ethics.

So he (Archbishop Obinna) told me that he was thinking of dedicating some days (possibly up to 1 week) to a Pro-Life/ Culture of Life Conference for the Archdiocese of Owerri around June 2013 (specific date not yet decided). However he has asked me to ‘draw-up’ a plan or even a detailed proposal for this Conference in terms of substance and content. But I have never been involved in organizing this type of program. However, I promised him that I will beg and appeal to the vibrant pro-life community in America for people and organizations who can help us with their knowledge and expertise in this area . I am aware that because this is a busy time of the year when many people are busy planning for the year ahead, and so you are probably heavily laden with work and various engagements but I am praying and hoping that because the most successful and effective pro-life & pro-family conferences and lectures are organised in America, that you would consider getting involved with this African project.

We will be very grateful for any level of involvement that you could afford to give us based on your wealth of experience (all ranging from ideas of possible contents, subject matters, talks, areas of concern for the African societies , global cultural change etc.). In terms of the African audience, there will be people from a broad spectrum of our typical African society – from the well-educated civil servants to the uneducated farmers and traders, from the clueless youth to the concerned elders – it is an Archdiocese that caters for so many people of different walks of life and as such there is such a great need to sensitize and educate them in these issues that are becoming more and more important in the on-going global discussion (on abortion, contraception, sexual ‘health’ , maternal health , gender equality, feminism etc.).

Please let me know if you are interested in this and if you are able to participate in any way at all (even if you are only able to have a few email conversations with me in order to direct me to some good ideas ). And if you know anyone who may also like to join the conversation and planning of this sort of event for an African Diocese , please kindly refer me to them so that I could make the same appeal to them . Thank you so very much Pro-life Americans for your witness which reverberates in far and distant lands.

United in thoughts and prayers,
Obianuju Ekeocha (Uju)

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