Monday, January 14, 2013

It's All About The Human Person

Jen Fulwiler writes:
I’ve come to see the radically freeing truth that our plans only matter to the extent that they’re ordered toward deeper intimacy with individual people. What makes this truth so freeing about it is that, if your ultimate goal is to make the world a little brighter of a place by touching one person at a time, you can do that under any circumstances. You can live a life ordered toward human intimacy as a jet-setting movie star or as an invalid confined to a hospital bed; whether you find yourself surrounded by Hollywood directors or the nurses on night shift, you will always find yourself surrounded by people in need of love.
Read the whole post here: "A few thoughts on my birthday" (She turned 36 on Saturday!)

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  1. That's such a beautiful reflection! I totally agree; we are made for communion so much more than for solitude. Off to go read Jen's article now!