Sunday, May 20, 2012

Talking About God Ain't TMI

Happy World Communication Day! In the Gospel today, before Jesus ascended into Heaven, he told us to go and preach the Gospel to EVERYONE, including the sneaky snakes and the ones who try to poison the culture.

Here's RomeReports on it:


As a confirmed and practicing Catholic, I have a duty to share the Gospel with believers in fellowship and non-believers in faith. This does not mean that I am responsible for someone converting or seeing the light, but rather remembering that we all have a role to play, if only to plant a seed.

This also does not mean that I know everything; Catholics do not become search engines upon receiving the Holy Spirit upon them (though I would have loved to pick up a language or two from Pentecost!). This is where we learn patience, humility, and understanding, all while holding onto our faith.

There will always be something to learn, something to see a different way, something to explain a different way - this is because our God is an awesome God, and he fits into and sanctifies the culture: this gives us reason, too, to live in the world without being of the world.

May your Sunday be blessed and your life bear much fruit, if only for the glory of God!

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