Friday, May 25, 2012

Career vs. Baby-Making

Why is there such a sharp dichotomy?

GREAT (informal) video - this really sang to me. Anyone else? Thoughts?

Thanks to Katie at NFP and Me for showing me this. Follow MJ on Twitter too!


  1. Love it, dear! Definitely a good video for young women. <3

  2. Great video! I think it's also important for women who have decided to pursue one side or the other for the amount of time they desire (in other words, for now until I'm in my thirties or so, I will be a mom and that requires certain a focus that a friend who has decided to remain unmarried and childless will not necessarily have) should remember to include aspects of either the "career life" or the "baby-makin' life" to make themselves fuller and better human beings. So in other words, I need to make sure that I keep up with current events, that I regularly read things other than parenting books, that I take the time to write and think.

    Someone whose life focuses primarily on "career" aspects (though I hate that word, since in and of itself my motherhood IS a career of sorts) needs to take special care that they develop relationships and find ways to serve. This idea that a woman is a segmented creature is extremely harmful, and in some ways I think we see the physical results of that in treating her natural bodily functions as if they are somehow diseased, such as in the healthcare mandate...

  3. Good post! I struggle with this a lot. A lot. I very much agree with her statement: having a successful job is not more of a success than having babies. If anything, it's the other way around! :)

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