Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Far is Too Far?

Vivian asks a question I think about all the time:
I’m now entering my third week at the restaurant, and one of my favorite things that we do is to have a weekly discussion about different books, videos, etc that chef wants us to learn more about. It’s definitely unique to the restaurant because it allows us to get to know each other better, and it allows us to bounce ideas off one another and become a better team to produce better food. 
... As in any craft, especially crafts that leave a lot of room for creativity, it’s easy to allow yourself to become engulfed. You allow your craft, your passion to take over your life. You can call it being a workaholic or a perfectionist, whatever you want; you could even go so far as to call it idolatry. But the question that it brought to my mind was how far are you willing to go for what you do? Your craft? 
Would you give up a family for it? How about your parents, your siblings? What about your friends, would you give them up too? Would you ever allow yourself to become to consumed by your passion that you came to disregard all else?
Read the whole thing here.

Vivian and me, almost a year ago 
Do you ever find it hard to balance? There are times when the road seems to straight, and other times where I'd rather wander off in the forest.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. It's a hard balance to find sometimes. I, like you, love to write because it's my passion, but a good part of what fuels what I write about is the people in my life, especially my husband and children. It's so easy to get lost in word count and goals, forgetting that all of that flows from loving God and serving you family and others. You just have to take it day by day and constantly be looking for the balance...and helps. A great thing to think about!..:)