Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Be Catholic?

"Let me make an honest confession. In the course of a half century, I have seen more Catholic corruption than you have read of. I have tasted it. I have been reasonably corrupt myself. And yet I joy in this church—this living, pulsing, sinning, People of God. I love it with a crucifying passion.


For all the Catholic hate, I experience here a community of love.
For all the institutional idiocy, I find here a tradition of reason.
For all the individual repressions, I breathe here an air of freedom.
For all the fear of sex, I discover here redemption of my body.
In an age so inhuman, I touch here the tears of compassion.
In world so grim and humorless, I share rich joy and earthy laughter.
In the midst of death, I hear an incomparable stress on life.
For all the apparent absence of God, I sense here the real presence of Christ."

-- Fr.Walter Burghardt, SJ

H/T to my good friend Jeff, who sent this along to me.

More of Fr. Barron's AWESOME upcoming Catholicism movie:

Marc is excited for it too!

Here is one more good and short read: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and the Energy of Existence

Happy Monday!


  1. Thank you for this preview clip and the quote! Sometimes when I can't put certain things into words I am very pleased to find others already have.

  2. I am so pumped for Catholicism! I've been waiting for it for a year... can't wait for it to air on PBS!!!

  3. I Barron's book, now I know there is a movie; thanks!

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