Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Rejoice in This Divine Romance!

Less than a week till I leave for Germany, but here are a few more pictures from my last international trip...

Isn't South Korea so lush and green?
Embracing the Eastern Sea
Overlooking the Eastern Sea (also known as the Sea of Japan)
Then I found a dead starfish. Sad.
This is April's favorite picture from the trip. One night, I went home early because I was tired and I knew the gang was going to be out for another couple hours. There are no open container laws in South Korea, so I took my beer home with me, put tin foil on top and went to bed. April came home to this:

She laughs every time she sees this picture.
Oh well. It seemed the practical solution at the time. This is, of course, another reason why I am VERY EXCITED to be going to Germany with my sister. Real and delicious beer awaits me! I am not a fan of Asian beer, so I will be spoiled-rotten in Europe.

I've been listening to this song of late:

Working from home today, so I've got my darling Heidi sleeping at my feet on the couch. Feeling blessed to have such true and loyal love from our family dog.

Oh, and next week's Bright Maidens topic is going to be "Feminine Genius: The Interior." What does Blessed JPII's explanation mean to you?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Have fun in Germany! I spent 2 weeks there with my family in high school, touring the southern half and Austria! It's so gorgeous!

    LOOOOOVE the new layout!

  2. Thanks Mary and Liesl! I really like it; I think it looks much cleaner. I need to fix the blogroll next, but that's for another day...

    Yes, I am quite excited for Germany! First time there and it should be amazing, especially since I'll be traveling with my just-a-bit younger sister Kato. :)

  3. It looks like you had lots of fun in South Korea!
    Where will you be staying in Germany? If you happen to pass through Belgium, I'd be more than glad to show you around my town (Bruges)!

  4. I did! We are going to Munich and Berlin, so we won't be near Belgium. I'm also there for a week, so we wouldn't have time to pass through; I'll keep the offer for another time, though! I'd love a tour!!