Friday, July 8, 2011

Guest Post: Tattoos are Permanent….and You are an Idiot

TBM Topic 12: Tattoos

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Guest post by B.

Most of my own views have already been stated by previous posters, that tattoos aren’t wrong, but they can be quite distracting and thus have important social consequences that need to be considered. I believe that the strongest argument for why one should very much consider not getting a tattoo is wonderfully summarized in this video, which also gives the title of this piece:

(warning: it has a few offensive words for the faint of ear)

A much more interesting argument than why you shouldn’t get a tattoo is why you should get one! As far as I’ve thought about it, there are two main reasons to consider a tattoo: to seal a memory, or to make a sign of commitment.

People before me posted pictures of tattoos showing devotion to God and Mary. I would like to offer a potential new tradition involving tattoos: getting inked together with your significant other after you get married! A ring can easily be removed as about a million of our nation’s married couples are demonstrating annually, but a tattoo requires a bit more effort to erase that mark. Not only would a tattoo be a permanent sign of commitment, it also would encourage choosing wisely!

Make sense? I think so. It doesn't have to be gaudy or publicly displayed, and if your partner doesn’t want one, there’s no sense in pressuring him/her to get one anyway.

Anyone else think it’s an interesting idea?


  1. So I saw a couple who did this on 4 Weddings on TLC... unfortunately, they were the oddest couple EVER (their wedding "ceremony" was a performance because they were both actors...), but I thought it was a cool idea to tattoo their wedding bands!

  2. My friend who is a carpenter ended up getting his "ring" tattooed onto his finger a few years after he got married because he always had to take it off for work.

  3. Interesting concept, but I really love my wedding ring. Last year,in celebration our 12th anniversary, the adoption of our youngest, and my new career of full-time Mom, my husband gave me a handcrafted ring with all of our birthstones. It is as unique as my family is.

  4. I saw that same episode of 4 Weddings. I agree that it does show commitment and that the commitment of a tattoo should be at least as well thought-out and weighty as choosing a spouse. Not the same, of course, but similar.

  5. Leviticus 19:28 "Do not lacerate your bodies for the dead, and do not tattoo yourselves. I am the Lord."

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