Friday, July 15, 2011

I Got A Feeling

Last night, before I drove 10 minutes away to pick up my brother from a junior high dance with other kids from local Catholic grade schools, I got a bad feeling. A really bad feeling.

I do not normally have bad or good feeling on non-essential things; I never even felt this way when I took my long plane ride overseas. I do not usually care for gut reactions, either. But when I do, I usually know better than not to follow them. Once I got a bad feeling about driving a certain road, didn't follow it, and I got a ticket. Another time, I got a bad feeling, ignored it and I was parked on the highway for an hour and a half. This time, I got a bad feeling and saw myself get into a horrible car accident.

Heidi is a very snuggly dog.
Yes dear readers, this was definitely a more extreme feeling. I even saw myself die. Yeah, I'm not ready for that either, so I asked my Dad to drive, and I sat in the passenger seat, chatting with him and mentally saying Our Fathers. After I got home, I snuggled with Heidi. 

I should also add that I drove a lot yesterday, so it wasn't a fear of driving. I drove two hours from my boyfriend's parents' house to work (we went fishing two days ago!); then a half hour home from work; then 15-20 minutes to my grandparents' house to water their plants, then 15-20 minutes home; not to mention another 20 minute round trip to pick up my baby sister from her friend's house later that night. 

I even enjoy driving at night, so it's almost a shame I felt so ill at ease. In any case, as Elizabeth said, those moments certainly help you look at life differently. 

Here's another example of a lighter, much less extreme "bad" feeling I got last Halloween, a.k.a. my youngest brother's birthday:

I was making a cookie cake for my brother and broke the spoon. Bad omen? 
See? It broke. Sad.
And then our house was invaded by seventh graders!

There is no point to this story, or ending really, but I do have an interest in hearing if anyone else has gotten feelings like this before. I do not consider myself superstitious, but the feeling did rattle me. (I was fine driving to work this morning, by the way, and am feeling just dandy now, thank you!) What helps y'all feel better? Who do you like to talk to? How do you handle those kinds of feelings?

In other news, I am going to see Amos Lee and Lucinda Williams tonight with my friend Em!! Listen and love:

Amos - "Flowers"

Lucinda - "Buttercup":

I also just devoured a roll of lifesavers with my Dad and sister, minus the pineapple ones. Have a blessed weekend y'all!


  1. 1. Send me the pineapple ones.
    2. ..and when you are old, and still in love with someone you've been looking at for a long time, you can listen to (or sing along with!) Lucinda when she does "Lines around your eyes."
    3. Trust your intuition! Intuition is simply the sum of all the experiences of your life.

  2. Wow! Thank God you were all right.
    I am also completely non-superstitious, yet I have had "gut feelings" that turned out to be correct, too. I don't think it's the same as superstition at all. Mine haven't been scary ones like yours. I think prayer and talking with someone you love would be the best things to do in those situations!

  3. I've had strange feelings like that before. Sometimes I listen to them and avert stuff. Sometimes I don't and something happens. I actually had that kind of extreme feeling in the Navy! I thought I was going to crash and die! I didn't go on that flight...and I'm still here! Guess I'll never know really.

    Anyway, I've had that and know exactly what you mean!

  4. I get those feelings sometimes too! I don't see them as superstitious, but more as little nudges from God. Actually, my spiritual director has told me before that when praying about things, go with your gut, because it's usually from God.

    Glad you didn't take a chance and listened to this gut feeling - never know what could've happened!

  5. I would say those feelings are promptings from the Holy Spirit.

  6. sounds a bit like a guardian angel to me...

  7. Haha that cracked me up - spoon breaks and then house invaded by 7th graders... as a youth minister,I would say, yes... heed your instincts :)
    and that music is awesome. thanks for sharing!