Friday, February 5, 2010

Running in Heels to NYC

"Running in Heels" was the theme of KKG Leadership Academy this year. Max and the new members did such a great job decorating the board upstairs! She used really neat retro pictures and colors. I especially like the lights. The house held mock elections and everyone was nominated for something. My little got best sense of humor, Heather got most likely to be a professor at Hillsdale (the next Dr. Barbara Bushey, red glasses, wicked sense of humor and all, I'm calling it now!) and I got most likely to...

Maxine says she could see me speeding down the freeway in my little Ferrari. How fun! I sometimes dream I'm allowed to take my dad's little Lexus out for a spin. I drove it down the driveway once and it was magical. Dad tells me to keep dreaming about driving his car (only Mom has been allowed to drive it thus far) and so the thought of driving a Ferrari absolutely tickles me. I'd like a forest green one, s'il vous plait! Or plum would be a bold color choice too.

From his book "A Program for Conservatives," Dr. Kirk answers that question you've all been pondering lately: what is the object of human life?

Men are put into this world, he realizes, to struggle, to suffer, to contend against the evil that is in their neighbors and in themselves, and to aspire toward the triumph of Love. They are put into this world to live like men, and to die like men. He seeks to preserve a society which allows men to attain manhood, rather than keeping them within bonds of perpetual childhood. With Dante, he looks upward from this place of slime, this world of gorgons and chimeras, toward the light which gives Love to this poor earth and all the stars. And, with Burke, he knows that "they will never love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate."

Flying to NYC in 0300 hours... I've got my heels packed. :)

Friday song: "Rhythm and Soul" by Spoon (the Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album)

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