Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the fattest Tuesday to you as well

My Fat Tuesday has not been particularly fattening, but it has been good.

I've decided on title for my C/L Debate class midterm paper (regarding whether or not morality can be legislated): "The Problem with Papists." Isn't that great? The best part is that I won't be putting my name on the paper, just my assigned number, so the teacher's won't be biased since they both know I am, in fact, quite Roman Catholic. I like playing Devil's Advocate, though. I think it helps me strengthen my own arguments.

I just finished editing the Forum, lay-out should be completed within the day, and we'll be going to press! This is going to be a really stellar issue.

I turned in an essay for a school contest (we had to enter under a pseudonym; I picked Adam Fenwick-Symes, the main character of Waugh's Vile Bodies) and a paper for my Issues and Themes journalism class this morning. I am now starting the aforementioned midterm paper since I am no longer meeting with my thesis director till next week, upon which I should start producing pages.

Library till dinner, then back to the library, then Dr. Lasseter's house before class at 9, then more library...the current sentiment is as follows:

Matt: I hope Siegel gives us beer tonight for Fat Tuesday
Julie: Me too. That would be bueno


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