Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Play Charades!

One word, three syllables: Rol-o-dex.

Pure genius. Using my editor's rolodex and handy dandy Literary Market Place (it is like the White Pages of the Publishing world), I had a lovely time today calling and e-mailing publishers to send us hardcovers of books we shall be reviewing in this Sunday's paper. We need the books by Monday, and I have a feeling I might have to call back.

I also sorted through Books to be reviewed/ not reviewed and am currently about to embark on copy editing more reviews. My editor says I have an excellent eye for edits, so she's giving me more. My big project I want to work on is how to keep her organized AFTER I leave for my final year at Hillsdale, because she keeps telling people how happy she is that I'm here and how she'll be organized for 3 months. Well, I'd like to keep her going longer than that...maybe long enough to hire me after college? Ha, we'll see.

Also, one of the editorial writers is really pushing for The Washington Times Editorial FaceBook page, definitely check it out. These people are amazingly intelligent and so hilarious. (I would know; I eavesdrop on their conversation every day! We share office space.)

Tonight John and I (and others) are going to McFadden's in Foggy Bottom for the open bar I won when I was in DC 2 or so weeks ago dropping my stuff off. It shall be two hours of free drinking for me, and super-reduced drinking for my friends. I've invited a few people, but it will be packed full of interns regardless. It should be a lot of fun! Mrs. O'D called me today to tell me about a former student of hers who shall be in DC; she wants me to take her out to dinner, etc. when she gets into town on Saturday. She's 20 though and John told me that this is why people think I'm an alcoholic when I say things like, "Well then what am I going to do with her?" Maybe I'll take her to the zoo or a museum. Or around Foggy Bottom, since I know it pretty well by now thanks to my GW friends.

Back to copy editing! I'm having a ridiculously good time. I love editing. Tomorrow I shall find a book to review. I'm hoping for at least 3 published reviews by the time I leave.

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