Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When You're Sick

Rest is best, rest is best! - Daniel Tiger

Today is Day 5 of the sickness; I started this post on Day 1. 

The day started okay; I tried to teach Laura how to use a spoon. 

Then, my head started pounding, nose running, throat scratchy, body and cough hurt, so I retreated to the couch. Grace ran around with her and Laura's Valentine's Day balloons. 

She's moving so fast, you can only see a blur! 

Then, momentarily side-tracked by Tangled. Laura attempts to take her balloon back...

Laura even read me a story. 

After first nap, we had a picnic lunch upstairs in their room.

Grace continued her diva ways, which I allowed because she practiced putting her right hand up.

We ended the night in a stylish viewing of Daniel Tiger. 

This has possibly been one of the hardest illnesses for me; I've taken the week off of school, my awesome MIL came out to help, and both girls are also running fevers around the clock. My poor bebes. Will knows what to do, but he's at work for most of the day. He did take Laura after he got home from his shift (2 am or so) till the morning. It's just a long time to feel the worst. 

Happy Ash Wednesday!

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  1. I feel for you; it is so hard. With a few little breaks here and there, one of us has been sick since before Christmas (it's Alex's turn, now). I've decided I just don't like winter, I think.