Sunday, November 9, 2014

My View (vol. 26)

What I am reading: all essays, all the time. It's the end of quarter and I am swamped. Hence my brevity during this post.

Does anyone here teach younger students and know of books/ resources to help with their essay writing journey?

What I am eating: scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar cheese; pb&jam + apples

Meal planning: My big meal of the week chili - I went grocery shopping after lunch, and I'll start cooking it tomorrow morning (but start soaking the beans tonight). The recipe is from Chow; I am not including the green chiles or jalapeƱos. It looks meaty and delicious, and I bought cheddar cheese and sour cream. Fingers crossed that Grace likes too!

Otherwise, baked chicken, tilapia, rice cooked in stock, steamed broccoli reigns here - and chili on noodles, potatoes and with corn bread muffins! All to keep us warm and full in this "it's going to get worse" weather. We're adding hot chocolate mix to our coffee too, and it is a happy time.

{linking with Nell for more ideas - though pregnancy and budget keeps it basic}

This week in history: I am very pleased to announce that not only has Grace completed her two short term goals for PT in three months, but she has exceeded expectations on two of her long term goals and partially met her third goal! Here's to new goals and another three months of learning, growing and victory!

She also now crawls on all surfaces...

Boring week for the parents: Dad is learning ultrasound, Mom is teaching/ prepping/ grading. Buuuut after a super nausea-filled start to the week, I'm feeling much-much better, thanks. I had my 24 (?!?) week appointment on Monday and it went very well. Bebe Deux continues to be a rock star growing machine.

Prayers: Will's family dog Abby passed away this week, quite suddenly. She was such a loving dog, always full of fun. She loved being outside. Last Christmas, she was quite confused by Grace being given toys that look like dog toys. Please pray for all who grieve her passing!

Abby and Will (July 2011) - my first fishing trip with the Baldwins

One of my favorite Abby stories happened one weekend I was visiting the Baldwins when we were dating. Will was trying to study for his Step 1 exam and Abby would just not stop making noise. I decided to take her on a walk while Will studied, and it was a very nice walk until I let my guard down. The Baldwins usually let Abby off her leash near home {they live in a more secluded neighborhood}, so I decided to do the same. Instead of running up the hill to the house, she ran down the hill towards the lake. I yelled "Abby, come!!!" repeatedly, and when she reached the lake, she stopped, looked right at me, and jumped in.

Needless to say, I wrestled her upstairs for a bath after that, and with Will's help. I'm not sure I took her walking alone after that!

For all private intentions.

Next week I am going to: get busy. I can't even type everything out here, it would only depress my spirits! Anyone else feel that way? I am trying to do "15 minute challenges" to get things done; it helps break up the monotony of my forever-list.

Stay warm! Wearing my thick socks everywhere. 

Grace's new winter coat!

Happy Sunday! May your week be blessed and bright.

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  1. You are so kind to link up. Chillllli. I'm all about it too! Beautiful pics. What a sweetie! Hope you continue to feel okay and just get better & better with baby number 2 on the way :)

  2. Added hot chocolate mix to my coffee this morning... definitely a cold weather fav! :)