Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#5Faves: Mystery Shows

My favorite shows are mysteries - when in doubt, I love these shows. I've watched them all on Netflix at some period of time, and just as Netflix giveth, Netflix taketh away. We've given up Netflix for a while, but when we get it back (postpartum), I am hoping to have a few of these to watch!

Rosemary and Thyme

A plant pathologist and a former constable team up as landscapers, friends, and crime solvers! If you love gardening, the English, and the chance for murder to be solved via natural clues... this show is for you. Simply delightful!


David Suchet plays Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's Belgium detective, to perfection. Add in the BBC budget, his friend/ sidekick Arthur Hastings, and a murder (or two!), and watch the brilliant intellect (I mean, little gray cells...) at work.


Years after his wife was murdered, the already OCD/ neurotic detective Adrian Monk is brought back to the San Francisco detective force as a consultant, accompanied by his assistant(s). Clever, witty, and extremely well-done.

This is one of our favorite episodes:


My roomie-bestie Heather and I watched this together during college, and we never tire of the one-liners, nicknames, pineapple sightings, failures and triumphs of the best-best friends every written for screen, Shawn and Gus. Shawn is the master observer-detective who convinced the Santa Barbara police department that he is psychic to avoid jail time, and lands himself a job. Gus is his best friend and partner (not sidekick), who is also a pharmaceutical salesman. The show is fun on the surface, and dives deeper with each season. Pair them with a solid co-cast, and you've got yourself a crime show!

(no longer the correct viewing time, fyi)

An anthropologist and an FBI agent solve crimes through high intellect, extreme logic and a lot of action. I'm not sure if this show counts as a mystery, actually... but I love the philosophical debates between the two main characters (a highly intelligent, rationalist atheist and a passionate not-as-well-versed Catholic), and their drive to find out the truth of what happened to their victims when all they usually have to go on are their bones. {still in seasons!}

And a shout-out to Castle!

Thank you Jenna @ Call Her Happy for hosting!! Back to reading Richard Hofstadter's The American Political Tradition before class...


  1. BONES YES! One of my favorite shows! I have all the seasons on DVD. I do wish Booth were a little bit better catechized ;) but for a Catholic on TV, he is actually pretty good the few times they do mention something theology. But I love the characters and plot-lines and quirkiness of it. It's totally nerdy and I love it.

    Might I recommend Veronica Mars? Mystery and sarcastic wit, wrapped into one.

    1. Will and I have watched VM together! Love.