Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Favorites - In Vino Veritas! Edition

Check out Hallie's here!


The top slot of the day goes to Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam.

Yes, you heard me. MAPLE BOURBON BACON JAM. I have not had this particular kind, but I have had bacon jam, and I am beyond ecstatic at the thought of going home for the holidays and creating my own jars of deliciousness with my bestie and fellow foodie Sarah.

H/T to the always wonderful April, who has made her own jars and is making me seriously contemplate driving west to obtain a jar or two...


Next, Essie nail polish - because it is a happy, classy brand. It also makes my hands look like they have a party to attend.


Every Saturday, we have Supper Club with a classmate of Will's and her sister, who have become very dear friends down here. Unfortunately for them, their neighborhood is infested by roosters. Fortunately for me, I got to spy this sweet mama hen and her three chicks this past weekend!

I know I'm not the one being woken up every morning by them, but GOSH they're cute!


We had another one of Will's classmates over for dinner and he brought the wine. If I was not preggo, I may have consumed half the bottle. It is that delicious; and the label is funny too!

Barrel Monkeys, 2011 Shiraz - from McLauren Vale in Australia.


My Dad ordered me my very own subscription of The Magnificat and it is so comforting to me to have morning prayer, the mass readings, and evening prayer at my disposal, as well as a daily reflection and saint of the day. I was especially touched by this passage: "Behold, I have left an open door before you, which no one can close." (Rev 3:8)

I love that I can read it all through my iPhone app as well - much better than bringing the book along, and then misplacing it for days.

Have a wonderful day, y'all!


  1. Love your five! Um, Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam? Maple. Good. Bourbon? Excellent. Bacon? Divine. Jam? Yum. Put it all together? Not sure how you could go wrong! Will have to check it (and the wine) out for realz.

    We love our Magnificat - we chose it as our family devotional since they also have a MagnifiKids to go with it.

  2. That wine is hilarious! I'm definitely going to look for a bottle to take to my next art and wine night!