Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Serve to Conserve? Yes We Can!

Upon the prompting of Stephen Masty, I'd like to explore "what still really exists in America that is worth conserving and what may be, quite frankly, lost to all but memory."

Reid Buckley has declared that he cannot love our country because we are vile. Morally corrupt and bankrupt, we've even given Pat Buchanan license to doubt. "What is it now that conservatives must conserve?" he asked.

The Declaration of Independence offers a few good suggestions -- life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness -- and, if I may add onto the list: the preservation of the English language.


Life, for one, seems a given right. Life is the highest good-- we all have life in common, though we may live out our own lives differently. Suicidal tendencies aside, most people would argue for the preservation of their life.

Some people need a gun at their head every second; do you?
If a gun was placed against your head, would you pull the trigger or try to get out of harm's way? Now, what if the gun was placed against another person's head? A good person, who pays taxes and goes to Church; lives in the community and does good. Would you want to save that person? How about a bad person? A bad person is one who disregards other people's lives, has wrecked havoc upon their community and has no regards for good, unless it is good for them.

If you would only save the good person, you are a bad person too.

It seems to me that Americans no longer know which way is up and which way is down. As a result, they are milling about life, thinking deeply on issues before growing tired and throwing up one's hands to accepted despair. Change is a farce. Our sacred cows are sinners. Republicans are pansies and Democrats are, well, Democrats. The more things change the more they stay the same, eh?

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