Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

In a romantic rush of words, my boyfriend told me he loved me.

A week or so later, he had “an interesting conversation” with his mother, and she bought us a book.

BAM! Read it.
No, it wasn’t Three to Get Married by Fulton Sheen, Love and Responsibility by Blessed John Paul II or even poetry. It was 1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married by Monica Mendez Leahy and it is literally all questions, along with commentary on how to approach the chapters and discuss responses.

If there is one adjective I keep hearing about marriage, it is the word “hard.” I don’t doubt it. I’ve seen the statistics. I grew up and continue to live with my big and boisterous family of two still-married parents and five siblings, and always feel grateful knowing my parents love each other and will never get divorced, even when they disagree.

There is, however, one thing I don’t want my marriage to be: hard. Life is difficult enough without problems creeping between my partner-in-life and me. There will be babies to feed, raise and catechize; bills to pay; prayers to be said; a Church to serve; jobs to do; books to read and write; and lots of little things to pop up unexpectedly.

What I’d like to avoid, for instance, are those problems which can be talked out reasonably before the “I Do.” When I hear of issues that come up in marriage, I tend to think, “Why was that not discussed earlier?”

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  1. If you are wanting an AMAZING book to read on marriage then read "The Mystery of Marriage" by Mike Mason! Apart from the Bible it is possibly the book I consider the most significant I have ever read. So beautifully poetic and gives you such a divine view of marriage! I read it as a newlywed and it helped me so much to understand God's view of marriage!