Thursday, April 14, 2011

Say What?

"Repeat that, repeat" by Gerard Manley Hopkins 

Repeat that, repeat,
Cuckoo, bird, and open ear wells, heart-springs, delightfully sweet,
With a ballad, with a ballad, a rebound
Off trundled timber and scoops of the hillside ground, hollow hollow hollow ground:
The whole landscape flushes on a sudden at a sound.

Visiting Andalusia, February 2011


  1. I didn't even realize you had a picture like this.....

  2. I haven't posted my pictures from my visit yet! Yes, I do, and this one is one of my favorites- although, I was tempted to put up the one Sheffield took of us running down the hill! :)

  3. Lovely Juxtaposition of poetic text and image. Thank you!

    Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde, Visitation Companion

  4. The GMH excerpt reminds me of a book I just read for Dr Sundah's class ("The Owl of Minerva: Post-Modernism and the New Religious Humanists") called Exiles, by Ron Hansen. It's a historical novel, of sorts, that tells of the 1875 Deutschland shipwreck, the nuns who died in it, and the poem that accounts of it inspired Hopkins to write. You should read it!