Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Younger Than That Now

I have a fair share of editing to do, so today's week 15 actually will be fairly quick...


Yesterday, I gave Eli the gospel according to The Black Keys. Join him in love them as much as I do:

He says I'm his new best friend. What says you?


At Mass this morning, Fr. George said St. Gertrude's oldest parishoner, Marge, died last night at age 100 years and 10 months. Please join me in praying for her soul!

And for Japan and everyone affected by the tsunami and earthquake.

Finally, for my sisters Muffy and Kato both have two big tests today, and B. has a big pathology test. So for everyone taking tests, or preparing for examinations, or writing big papers (like Leah!), many prayers and happy thoughts- you can do it! I know this is the last weekend before my alma mater's spring break, and life looks bleak up North: but sleep is so near!

Extra help is on the way:
St. Joseph Cupertino, patron saint of test taking
St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of academics
And all the patron saints of students!


Much to the delight of we Bright Maidens, our Lenten blog post series has picked up some steam!

Many thanks to Tito Edwards for posting our pieces to National Catholic Register and The Pulp.It, Lisa Graas and Stacy Trasancos for the gracious plugs, First Thing's Elizabeth Scalia for The Anchoress shout-out, and various re-tweets and comments.

This week was "Women and their relationship to the Church": here is my "How It Feels To Be Catholic Me" post, Elizabeth's "Grandmother Kaleidoscope" post and Trista's "A Relation to Love" to tie you over to next week, when we discuss contraception. After that is dating, patron saints, our issue(s) with the Church, saving sex for marriage and then a surprise post! They will be posted every Tuesday morning of Lent. I hope you join us!


My Lenten sacrifices are going well, thanks for asking! This morning, I even got up extra early to go to 8 a.m. Mass, inspired by Mary's husband, who goes to 6:30 a.m. Mass every day. I also ceremoniously gave Dad my last two Girl Scout cookies I forgot to finish off on Fat Tuesday and my pack of gummy snacks (another pre-Lent remnant in my office). Sad.

I want to be THIS GUY and drink beer for the entirety of Lent. No really, I do! Maybe next year?


It's snowing here in the Midwest (I know, lamesauce) and, as part of my almsgiving for the season, I helped my mother scrape off her car so she could scurry off to the hospital faster and more safely. In a family Lenten offering, my family is focusing on almsgiving, in words and deeds. So, not being mean or saying mean things to someone in the family, just because you happened to have a bad day, for example. It's only been two days, but two wonderful days, to be sure! It really makes us put other's feelings before our own, as a way to model Christ to each other.

This also is being flowed into regular life too. While kibbitzing with two seminarians last night (one is a friend, one I had just met), I was reminded of the purpose of the good life, that is, not just living for yourself, but others. Moreover, the importance of treating all people with kindness and respect, especially when they bother you.


What is everyone reading lately? I have a couple books I am reading right now, plus books for work. My latest National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, First Things and The New Criterion recently arrived too, so I am going to devour those this weekend. My Dad's weekend edition of the Financial Times will arrive early Saturday morning and I can't wait to dive in; best weekend editon of any paper out there, hands down. I prefer WSJ on the day to day reads, though. Any favorite sentences or reads you'd like to share?


Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning (dare I tell you?) 23! Trista gave me the best (early) birthday wish ever! She says, As our Irish ancestors would say, "May you live to be one hundred years with one extra year to repent!" A-men!

Also, I am now being tormented at home by birthday cards and a birthday package, which I am not allowed to open until tomorrow. Lent really is about sacrifices! Speaking of which... I bought five books yesterday at the seminary book store. No regrets! Including one called God: The Oldest Question which is really, really fantastic so far!

See Conversion Diary for more! Happy, happy Friday!


  1. Prayers for Japan, Hawaii and the rest of #3!

    5- It's sad to realize I more readily speak harsh words to my family than to people I don't know very well. I shouldn't speak harsh words to anyone... I'm going to share this one with my family :)

    Ahhh I just want to read all day today. I'm going to read the Catechism this Lent and I'm pretty intimidated...


  2. Five books! Nice. I have a hard time controlling my spending in bookstores.

    Thought you might be interested to watch this video on Archbishop Dolan talking about meeting with Gov. Cuomo. Says there is a time and place for the discussion about Cuomo and this wasn't the time.

  3. Oh my gosh Trista, I love Archbishop Dolan so much!

    [following time and place comment]
    journalist: "But you are the Archbishop."
    Dolan: "You bet I am!"

    Great answer.

    Thanks girls!!

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, Julie!

  5. Bah, Julie! I'm leaving for NE today, which means your birthday card will be late...hope you'll forgive me :) I've loved your Lent posts so far...keep 'em coming sister! They turn the heart and mind to worthy things.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an awesome day. Thanks for the thanks, but the gratitude goes to you three for writing such beautiful pieces. I'm looking forward to the rest of them. Thumb's up on WSJ. I mentioned it to Elizabeth already, but to you and Trista, Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble has some great posts on contraception and NFP. You may have seen it already, but here's a link anyway.

  7. "lamesauce"... I love that word!

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Hello there, Ol' Chap!!! thanks for the email! I'm working on the song. :-)
    1) J'adore les Black Keys.There's somethin' seriously genius about those two...
    6) I haven't read The Wind in the Willows since seventh grade, and I'm reading it now with the 11-year-old girl I tutor in literature, and I love it so, so much. It's a quick read, so if it's been a while, do yourself a favor and go through it again with big-girl eyes.
    I love you so much. Room selections were this week - I'm dying to find out who's inheriting KKG 11.
    Yours ever loyally.