Monday, February 14, 2011

We're All Austrians Now?!

Oh, Valentine's Day, how I love thee! It is one of the few non-federal holidays which consistently pumps more than 8 billion dollars back into the economy. Yay free market!

Here is a great widget from the Washington Post, collecting fabulous D.C. themed one-liners. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Independence from you would be bad for my Constitution."
"Without you, my heart is like a metro esclator... broken."
"I want to take the red line to your heart."
"I promise to stick by you like that red intern badge."

Also, my friend Maggie works for Sears in Chicago and is in this hilarious video ad called, "Grin and Bear It-- Valentine's Day, The Expert Way": 

(She's the one getting proposed to in the second shot.)

But even more than the entertaining parts of today, it is important to remember St. Valentine, a Roman Bishop martyred in 269 AD outside the Flaminian Gate. He was arrested by Emperor Claudius II for marrying Christian couples and then tried to convert the Emperor, who had him beaten with clubs, stoned, and beheaded for his faith.

My weekend in Georgia was amazing. I love the South and Vivy and Vivy's whole family. If she wasn't going to culinary school in a month, I would probably fly back in two. I'll be writing more on our adventures later. This picture is of us and the back of Flannery O'Connor's house.

Happy St. Valentine's Day! The first reading today was from Genesis, when Cain killed Abel; it is a good reminder that, even when we act unworthy of God's love, he will still bless and protect us.

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  1. "I want to take the red line to your heart." As someone who used to live off the red line, that made me chuckle. Happy Valentine's Day!!!