Friday, February 25, 2011

Priscilla, You Lazy Upstairs Maid! Get Down Here!

Chapter 13 and it's snowing outside. This clearly must mean something!


Robison family story time: This morning, my Father yelled up the stairs, "Priscilla, you lazy upstairs maid! Get down here and dress Lady Anne for her luncheon with Lord Bracknell!"

Yes, he was talking to me. No really, that's what he said. I'm not what we call a "morning person." This was after my sister brought Heidi upstairs to sit on me in order to wake me up. Instead, Heidi snuggled with me like the good dog she is, so getting up and out of bed was even harder!

I live on the third floor of our very old house, and we always joke about how I (and my brother, before he moved to campus) live in the servants quarters. Then I went downstairs and ate eggs for breakfast, followed by a leftover turtle brownie. I love being a big kid!


"Animals" by Neon Trees is my favorite song to run to this week:

Also, Leah gave me the idea to do the twohundredsitups program. 200 is a lot, but feasible, especially over 6 weeks. My sister (a former rower) and myself (a former lacrosse player) were lamenting not being on a team anymore and being forced to exercise/ do sit-ups. Now we have a reason! And it will help my running, which makes me (and Heidi!) even happier.


Tea at Trianon posted a really fabulous article from Touchstone called "A Requiem for Friendship."

Trevor posted a great piece on authority and baptism in the Church.

Pat McNamara's Blog ("Musings of a Catholic Church Historian from Queens, New York") posts wonderful historical profiles all the time, but now he's featured! Check out the video clip about his Theology on Tap lecture.

Last weekend, I heard Brad give this lecture. Here is the first part of "Inheriting Twentieth Century Christian Humanism: How the Humanities Converted Three Great Men." I am waiting in anticipation for the other parts to be posted! It was so good and I loved the brief chance to catch up with him.

Also, in case any of you wonder what I actually do for a living, this might give you an idea. Here's an article of mine recently published in the New England Real Estate Journal, called "Using 1031 Exchanges to Recession Proof Your Business." Also, yes, I know my picture looks pixelated.


One of my weekend plans is to listen to my friend Mitch give his first academic lecture. He's a first year grad student at TCU but he'll be in KY on Saturday, so I am driving down to listen. He posed interesting thoughts on a book by Historian Mark Noll in a post Monday called, "The Ongoing Theological Crisis" that is definitely worth a read. He is Dutch Reformed, so part of the post involves his bafflement him that so many great minds "hang their hats" with The Roman Catholic Church, including Noll.


This Audi commercial can never be appreciated enough:


Initiation is this weekend at my college's chapter of Kappa, and my little has picked up! So I will be a grand-big!

If I had known about it earlier, I would have gone, but I already have plans... I will just have to meet my grandlittle another weekend!

Speaking of Kappa, my own big sister is celebrating her 3 month anniversary of teaching in South Korea. Check out her blog Gaudete for more!


Finally, almost the weekend. I am so excited! I am up to my nose in work. Tomorrow I will finally get my new glasses! Which is great, because I am tired of people telling me that if my glasses snapped in the middle instead of the side, I would look more like Harry Potter. Yes, my glasses are currently scotch taped.

And in the happiest of news, my two oldest friends at college are public about their exciting news: Mrs. Cuppy is pregnant and Lissa is engaged. Another wonderful friend is also recently engaged, and told the story on her blog, Imp-tastic. Hurrah!

The two in the middle are now engaged and pregnant!
 Happy Friday! See Conversion Diary for more!


  1. Bahahaha at living in the servants quarters. Hilarious. I'd yell things like that all the time, too, if that was the situation.

    Love that Neon Trees song. *thumbs up*

    I wish I was more athletic like you...totally jealous of your willpower to work out. You go, girl!

  2. That sounds like my kind of breakfast! I had two cookies for breakfast today.

  3. I have been eating Girl Scout cookies, lately thank goodness I have my elliptical! Good job with the running, Priscilla!