Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to the Dork Side

My siblings and I are pretty nerdy, which isn't particularly surprising considering our parents are too.

What exactly does that mean? Well, just as Doctor Who's timey-whimey detector goes ding! when there's stuff, we too get really excited about... stuff (like anything British or snarky, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, quoting Disney movies, etc.).

More recently, my sister Kato introduced the family to the Vlog Brothers, two brothers who communicate through video blog posts, and we have been laughing our way through their videos all week. The Vlog brothers are YouTube sensations John and Hank Green. They have been doing this for three years now; their followers are the "NerdFighters" and their goal is "to fight world suck." They are from "NerdFighteria." I think that is also their catch-phrase (from what I can tell), which was also just featured on the movie 'Dispicable Me,' which is pretty awesomely nerdy. In real life, John is actually a published author who wins fancy book awards, etc. and, from what I can tell, lives in Indiana. He also has a super adorable son named Henry. No one is really sure what Hank does, besides wear funny t-shirts.

Since I am overly enthusiastic about correct grammar, spelling, etc., here are my four favorite vlogs concerning such errors. Even if you are not as enthusiastic about The Element of Style-esque problemos most people commit (or not enthusiastic in the least, which is sad, because you really should care more about the quality of language), these videos are solidly hilarious.

#1- Hank's post, "Stop Embarrassing Yourself," is all about common mistakes English teachers everywhere should have fixed/ made clear; I love the comment about Frankenstein best.

#2- John's Response, "My Friend Chester," is equally hilarious and because he mentions The Avett Brothers, he received 1,042 Julie points.

#3- Hank's "I Hung out with Snookie... Accidentally" vlog is classic pop culture clash example; also, his guitar makes an appearance. Check out the hilarious writing on the body.

#4- John's response, "Grammar School with Snooki," is possibly my favorite vlog. I know there's a lot to choose from, but it made me laugh the hardest and good points are made.

Last night, my cousin and I saw a sneak preview of the film 'Life As We Know It,' which I thought was going to be a typical, wah-wah chick flick, but this film surprised me with decent character development, quirky side characters, believability and the number of times I laughed out loud. It comes out in a week, and I would not be opposed to seeing it again. That was my first early showing of a movie, which is neat. A manager came out beforehand to give a spiel about the film, including telling us there would be a free showing of 'The Legend of the Guardians' afterwards. But anyone who thinks I am going to sit through a movie whose protagonists are owls is sadly, sadly mistaken.  

To close, I really don't think this nerdy post would be complete without a couple Pinky and the Brain quotes. In every episode, Brain asks Pinky the question "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Pinky's various responses include:
--"Wuh, I think so, Brain, but burlap chafes me so."
--"I think so, Brain, but culottes have a tendency to ride up so."
--"I think so, Brain, but if we covered the world in salad dressing, wouldn't the aspargus feel left out?"
--"I think so, Brain, but if they called them 'Sad Meals', kids wouldn't buy them!"
--"I think so, Brain, but this time you put the trousers on the chimp."
--"I think so, Brain, but isn't that why they invented tube socks?"
--"Well, I think so Brain, but what if we stick to the seat covers?"
--"I think so Brain, but if you replace the 'P' with an 'O', my name would be Oinky, wouldn't it?"

Happy Sunday! Spending the next few hours celebrating my grandparents' anniversary with my mom's side...


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  1. I always thought all of those things were cool. Oh well, I guess I am just a nerd like you. :)