Tuesday, April 26, 2016

36 weeks! Playtime and Poll Time

Happy week! I'm 36 weeks! Bada-bing, bada-bam.

36 weeks, 2 days
I can honestly hardly believe it... this bebe's trimesters are flying by; and I would like to thank him sincerely for not giving me the worst nausea (cough, ladies). I cannot comment of various aches, pains and spasms... but no nausea! Huzzah! I am officially into the weekly doctor visits. Oh my gosh. 

I am entering into a severe nesting phase, which has included finding un-mailed thank you notes, birth announcements, Christmas cards, birthday cards, etc. So, if you receive any later-than-usual cards from me, this is why. 

This is also why I decided to get us a new toy storage unit in hopes to simplify and teach the girls more about organization/ nightly clean up.

So, already successful.

It's been another long month of MICU, and we're finally into the last week. I cannot WAIT for this rotation to be over. The hours are long, the patient cases are tough, and Will has had two days off total. (No, I do not count the time in-between the overnights. It's not a "day off"!) And even though I've started many blog posts this month, most of them end up being rants, so I delete and consider them stress-reducing therapy.

So back to the happy times:

36 weeks, 6 days.
I am have a lot of pains and twinges; no actual progress, according to my PA. Buuuut some people say boys come early? I think I am just wishful thinking at this point. Let's take a poll anyways: when is Bebe Baldwin going to come?!?

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