Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowzilla: The Wrath of Jonas

We didn't know what to expect when we woke up. So, we came prepared.

We checked outside: not bad, not bad... probably should have brought everything inside, but oh well. 

Then the real fun began. 


No precious snowflakes, no sir. Real bonafide blustery snow-filled winds. Mama sips her coffee and ignores, "Out? Snow!"

We also did chores, which reminded me to look for a smaller broom set for Grace. Afterwards, we went to Laura's room, cleaned up and out clothes (I am purging!!) and fixed up a little play fort with the toddler mattress currently not in use. The girls love it, and I am pleased too! 

The snow continues - 10" by noon, with an expected 6-10" more today. 

View from our kitchen window
Will worked a 24 hour shift in the PICU and refused to stay another minute; alas, another resident could not get in, so he worked another 2 hours before a 20 minute drive. Fortunately, it seems everyone is staying off the roads, more or less - in their cars. Everyone loves walking in the street already, he reports, and even more so with snow! He is grateful that I made him take our Honda, because his light Toyota would never have made it. There it is in the driveway, where I had him park so the house wouldn't look empty. Mistake, I guess. That's his driver's side mirror and door handle sort of visible.

The roads are cleared hourly... if you can tell.
We watched our neighbor shovel his sidewalk for a bit, the birds outside, played, snacked a few times, and organized.

Laura is walking around the downstairs using the wall and furniture, so I'm ecstatic! Plus, she's the cutest little bear. 

And now the snow is up to the door on the porch. Stay tuned as I decide what to cook for dinner!

Where are you camping out? Any snow adventures? Or sunny skies?

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  1. A 24-hour shift?? Goodness! My part of Ohio had a bit of flurries earlier, but now it's clear! Hopefully it stays this way. ;-)

    So fun for the girls to watch the snow! :-)

  2. Lots of snow-watching here and baking, to both keep the house toasty and in case of power outage! (Please God nooo!). Also lots of fervent prayer against pre-term labor. :)

  3. If you could ask Laura to slow down on the growing up before I meet her, I would appreciate it :)

    I have snow in between my screen door and patio door, so I'm not going out there for a good long while... maybe til summer?