Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Anyways. That's the only way I feel I can segway into the middle of this week. I am giving myself five minutes to type this, after spending 75 minutes continuing my AP lecture on the English colonies.

Will and I just had a really tough week, and I seriously praise the stars that my sister-in-law Ellen is here visiting/ helping with the girls. We can't catch a break, and can't find a regular babysitter. On top of that, I made an emergency appointment with my PCP because my arms started to go numb randomly. Suspected bilateral carpal tunnel, which means I will probably be posting here less than desired, or maybe just pictures. If that's the case, maybe I should actually use my nicer camera.

Because I need more pictures of babies and broccoli:

I need an EMG to confirm it is all carpal tunnel and not neurological, but that can't be done till November. Needless to say, I am frustrated right now. But we went to Target last night and Will has me set up with my carpal tunnel computer swag, which means I can actually type/ do work now without being in a huge amount of pain.

Okay, my five minutes is up. I'm not feeling very eloquent, and I probably need more coffee, but I just wanted to say: thanks for reading, even when I'm not writing.

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  1. I am suspicious of carpal tunnel myself; seems that so much typing and writing isn't good for the hands and wrists. :(

    1. Get support!!!! Such a lifesaver for me right now. It will only get worse.

  2. Oh, that is rough. So sorry to hear that. I don't know how you're coping with teaching and no babysitter!! Will be praying for you!