Friday, March 13, 2015

I Declare This A Good Day

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8 Picture Books for Lent and Easter at Carrots for Michaelmas
What to read next if you want to branch out from your usual genres at Modern Mrs. Darcy
Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad Stories at Crisis Magazine
The Problem with Quiet Times at Christianity Today
Finding Beauty: A How-To at The Irish Rover
What Are Your Favorite High-Quality Freezer Staples? at The Kitchn

What We’re Watching: Revisiting the Moynihan Report at Education Next (I wrote my senior thesis on the Moynihan Report - super fascinating, even 50 years later!)

After Seven Years by Raymond Moley (pdf)
"Written by an adviser to FDR who helped assemble the president's "brain trust", After Seven Years is a must-read for anyone claiming to be a student of the New Deal. Written in the midst of man-made economic calamity, Moley supplies an insider's account of the twists and turns in policy responses to the Great Depression, about which he for many good reasons ultimately became disillusioned."
How I Work Now:

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(This is actually pretty difficult/ a lot of one hand typing.)

Today is my last day of maternity leave - back to teaching classes on Monday. My mom leaves tomorrow, and we'll have a family night once Will wake up after his night shift nap (because he works day shift on Sunday!). This night float month for SICU already feels better than the month in MICU; maybe because I am asleep for half his shift? Maybe because I get to text him in the wee hours of the morning while nursing?

Last night, Will and I went out to a local tapas restaurant and shared a pitcher-ish of sangria. Mom stayed home and watched Chicken Run with Gracie and Laura. It felt really good to have us/ non-stress/ shared alcoholic beverage time time.

Right Now:

Laura snores her thanks for y'all reading!

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