Thursday, August 15, 2013

34 Weeks

A dear college friend and Kappa sister was in town this past weekend, so we took our Sunday to worship together at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis in the French Quarter, and then delicious cafe au lait coffee and beignets afterwards, as well as fabulous conversation.

 Beignets, by the way, are a hot, flaky pastry which is covered in powdered sugar. Will likened them to funnel cakes, but these are more dainty and served on a non-paper plate! I highly recommend eating one or three when in New Orleans!

I had my 34 week appointment on Tuesday, and I am wonderfully healthy, as is the baby. Thank you for all your questions and prayers! We're entering the home stretch!


  1. I LOVE beignets, but they just aren't the same here as they are in the south, especially in NOLA. Eat five for me! :)

    Hooray for the homestretch, you look absolutely beautiful!

  2. MMMmmm those beignets sound delicious!

    34 weeks, that's great! So close!