Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Go And Make Disciples of All Nations

World Youth Day 2013 is in Rio:

Gave me chills!

I went to WYD in Canada in 2002 and saw (and got a picture of!) Blessed John Paul II go by in his pope mobile, which made up for getting caught in the rain for 3 hours, et cetera. Anyone else have a memorable experience at WYD or hear of anything awesome connected to WYD? I think this event is possibly one of the most important evangelization and witness opportunities for the Church. I'm so excited to see the fruit of this one!


  1. I went to WYD 2002 and it was a the beginning of a definitive turning point in my faith. So many stories! Too many to share. The former director of youth and young adult ministry for my diocese, though, put together a website of day-by-day recollections from WYD 2002 and released one a week leading up to the beatification of Bl. John Paul II. I wrote day 7. They can be found at

  2. I was also at WYD 2002. We stood at the front of the barricades ALL DAY waiting for the Pope, and it totally paid off with some great close up shots! That experience was so awesome. Our youth group leaders truly made it a pilgrimage (sleeping on Catholic school gym floors, camping out in the field before JPII's mass, etc). Loved it!

  3. I was also there and at the next one in Germany. It was also a turning point in my faith and really played a huge part in making me who I am today. Oh there is so much I could write about these two pilgrimages. So much more than a single comment. I wrote about one on my blog about a year ago here .

    Maybe I will write about more sometime.

  4. I got chills watching that, too! So far I haven't been to a WYD, but maybe my financial situation will change in the next year and I can go? To see Christ looking out over the city would be AMAZING! Not too mention being with thousands of other Catholic youth from all over the world!