Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's business, It's business time!

First order of business: Just when I think Fr. Barron couldn't win any more Julie points, he opens his mouth: 

Secondly, my friend Scott wrote/ sang this song and it is haunting and beautiful. I love it and y'all might too:

Thirdly, my big in Kappa, who is also a very dear friend of mine, is moving to South Korea tomorrow. She will be teaching ESL for at least the next year. Please pray for her safe travels and safety, especially since North Korea is now showing aggression towards the South. She will also be keeping a blog called Gaudete, if any of you are interested in following her adventures.

Fourthly, today is my bestest Bear-Bear's birthday! For those unawares, this is the song we've danced to every time we've turned twenty-something:

Finally, keeping my fingers crossed that this paper will be done by tomorrow... then uncrossing them, because that is a terribly difficult way to type. But as a bonus, I changed the background of my blog. I like the updated templates. You like?

Happy Tuesday!

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