Monday, May 10, 2010

James Otis, found!

James Otis was the man whose four-five hour oration to the Massachusetts General Assembly is perhaps the very reason for the American Revolution. I wrote my research paper on him for the Founding of the American Republic class, so Matt and I have a fun, competitive spirit over Otis since he thought it would be unfair to have Otis on the midterm/ final as an ID since I wrote 15 pages on him and his contribution to the Revolution from the English common law. Matt is in Boston right now, potentially getting a job (fingers crossed!) and he found Otis' grave and sent me the picture. Isn't it fantastic?! Otis is a man more Americans should know about, he is a fantastic example of a pre-patriot American.

Today was filled with apartment-hunting and writing my honors seminar final. I watched 'The Young Victoria' with my cousin and sisters, got my crackberry fixed, talked to my parents, attempted to convince our housekeeper why she should make me food after I move away from home, and spent a lovely amount of time with Heidi and the siblings. J'adore home!

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