Monday, April 13, 2009

And the countdown begins...

I am back at Hillsdale, taking a break from writing my Gamble paper. (Working title: "Publius and the Greco-Roman Roots of America" -- you like? I like.) It's good to be back at Hillsdale, even though I am going to go through hellish-fun for the next 2-3 weeks (i.e. finishing major research papers vs. Greek and Senior Week). I talked to my friend last night, and he was saying how he's just ready to graduate and go across the country biking (no, truly--he's going! How neat is that?!) and I feel the exact same way. I started packing for DC while I was at home (observing the end of Holy Week with the family). I just want to leave Hillsdale and go to DC; at least the weather will be warmer! Ha!

In terms of packing, I am trying to be prudent but it is hard. I had to decide what books I want to bring with me/ read outside my internship reading--I definitely want to finish Dante's Divine Comedy this summer. I started it last summer, but never got past Hell. I also planned out my calender once I get out of school. It's going to be busy! I'll get home after graduation, then Mother's Day festivities with Mom's side of the family, packpackpack, drive to DC with Julia, sight see in DC, drive back to Cincy, watch/ volunteer at Mikey's Midwest Regatta, work for Dad scanning legal documents, Dad's birthday on Thursday, fly to DC on Friday, and wham! start work on Monday.

I'll also squeeze in seeing friends from home somewhere in that time, of course. I'm going to miss them so much. It'll be weird thinking how we'll all be spread out across the Midwest (Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago, Lexington, etc.) and the South (namely, Charleston) and not calling each other to see whose house we're going to hang out at or a spontaneous trip to Skyline or Graeters nearly every day. No more half-living at the Besl's/ Malloy's/ Bromley's/O'Donnell's households. No more late-night jam-sessions at the twins or driving home from a party in the wee hours, windows down, music blasting, feeling Alive.

Still, there's no doubt I'm excited. I get to read and write all summer, for goodness' sake! I get to live in Old Town, which is a bit outside DC and a hike to work every morning, but I'll be with two of my favorite Kappas EVER and nearby my grand big and her husband. I'll also know lots of people in DC, from Hillsdale, home, GW, the CN, and otherwise, not to mention I'll be meeting lots more. I truly have nothing to complain about; I shall be in Paradiso. I got my contract back from the CN, signed and everything, so now it feels a little more official than perhaps when I first got whisked away to DC for training. I've been wanting to live in DC since the family visited my cousin Abby out there the summer after my sophomore year in high school. And yet--dare I say I shall miss Heidi overlicking me and shameless rolling on her back for a rub? The skittens snubbing me? Mom working on her cancer research at the dining room table when we're supposed to be eating dinner? Katie shaming me with her overly-efficient ways? Or even Dad and Mikey torturing me awake via turning on the lights and/or taking away my pillows, blankets, etc. after my umpteenth refusal to leave the bed?...

Okay, need to get back to my paper. Next time I'll discuss the drive back to Hillsdale and Sam asking me how it feels to almost be a senior in college. Can I truly be that old that people are asking me how it feels to be old?!

Quote of the post:
"Deep in each man is the knowledge that something knows of his existence. Something knows, and cannot be fled nor hid from."
--Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing
(Does this spark any thoughts about the Logos and its relation to humanity?!)

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